HDDData Recovery Service

We offer an extensive data recovery service from software to hardware recovery. Our data recovery services consists of retrieving data from hard drives, backup devices, CD and DVD media, compact flash media, stiffy disks and all other types of storage devices that have suffered mechanical failure, data corruption, virus infection, data deletion etc.


Our data recovery services include the following:

  • Faulty Hard Drives
  • DAT, DLT, Zip Drives
  • CD, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-RW, Flash media
  • RAID Recovery
  • Repair corrupt documents
  • Corrupt Email files, MS Office documents
  • Recovery from accidental formats
  • Lost partitions, Deleted Files
  • RAW Recovery (no file structure information
  • From ANY file operating system
  • Free Assessment worth R513
  • No charge for unsuccessful recovery
  • Collect and Drop-Off service (Cape Town


Overview of Procedures and Services


A free assessment is performed on all media, which can take between up to 72 hours. Once the diagnosis has been completed, an obligation-free quotation is provided. Please note that recovery of media sometimes involves replacing failed or damaged components and these parts may take some time to source. Complete recovery normally take between 1 and 5 working days, but may take longer in some extreme cases.


There is no charge at all if the data cannot be recovered. The costs involved in attempting the recovery are borne at our risk, and quotations for recovery are based on the procedures utilised and expertise from our technical staff required to recover the data. The data is checked and verified as far as possible, to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Transfer of Data

Once our quotation has been approved, the recovered data is transferred onto media of your choice. Alternatively, the data can be copied back onto your computer or laptop, once your hard drive has been replaced, and your operating system has been reloaded.

Additional Services

We can provide you with this service to verify warranty status, and issue replacement media where applicable. The operating system will be reloaded once the COA/license has been verified, and licensed applications can be reloaded. Your email data can also be imported back into your email application of choice, address book reinstated and your dial-up account/s and networking set up. We will assist you as much as possible to reinstate your computer/notebook to the point prior to your crash.

Insurance Clause

The cost of data recovery is an unexpected expense and can be quite daunting, therefore, apart from quoting very competitive pricing for recovery, we recommend that our clients verify with their insurance brokers whether 'Loss of Data' or 'Data Reinstatement' is covered under their insurance. We will liaise directly with the insurance companies and provide technical assessments where required.

Data Backup (Non Faulty Drive)

We also provide a backup service for clients who wish to backup their data prior to an operating system reinstallation, from as little as R690.00 incl VAT.


Our Data Recovery service is available 24 hours a day »

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