Website Development

At Project Group, we pride ourselves in designing effective communication for our clients with the latest technologies and tools available to website developers. We have extensive experience in a variety of website development technologies, allowing us to provide a wide range of services, from posting simple information about your organisation on the web, to developing complex database-driven e-commerce sites. We offer fully customised solutions for all of our clients, so you can be assured of a relevant, easy-to-use site that reflects your organisation's reputation and image.

Database Driven Websites

A database driven website stores and presents information to meet the needs of the individual user. The database manages the bits of information so you can choose, compare, couple and related them to each other easily:


  • Visitors find information, products and services tailored for them.
  • You can generate collections of information based on your needs at that moment.
  • Changes in the information selection and format can be made in seconds.
  • Information can be instantly updated in hundreds of places with just a single input.

Project Group builds database driven websites that release the full power of Internet communication. Some examples of the kinds of sites that can be created:

  • web-based community content system
  • online shopping cart / e-commerce software
  • website news and press release management tools
  • employment opportunities posting system
  • extranet / group collaboration website
  • real estate posting system
  • user comment posting system
  • web-based database management software

Many of our clients have customised requirements that the solutions are tailored to their specific organisations.

Hosting and Domains

Project Group offers a variety of flexible hosting packages to meet your website and e-mail needs. Packages start from as little as R299.00 per annum (excluding initial domain setup fee), and offer features such as web based administration, web-mail and spam filtering.

Access Database Development

Project Group offers highly customisable database packages utilising Microsoft Access to integrate seamlessly into your company. As the packages are tailor-made to specific requirements, there is a vast number of reports available at the press of a button.With integrated security, the databases are completely secure from prying eyes, and the information can be locked down to Supervisor level.There is an endless number of packages that we can provide you with, and all of these are completely interchangeable with a database driven website, to provide you with once-off updating of data.

A few examples:

  • Fully functional Accounting System with Inventory, G/L, Cashbook etc.
  • Serial Tracking
  • Library Database for managing books, videos, CD's
  • Human Resources database
  • Employment Posting System, with pre-formatted CV's etc.
  • Real Estate System - Contact Management System
  • Document Management System
  • Inventory Control to integrate with online shop / e-commerce website
  • And many more customisable solutions to suit individual requirements
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